Hi, I'm Kelly! People often call me SeniorCareKelly.

My entire life is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. Whether I am podcasting, speaking at conferences, conducting Legacy Life Coaching sessions, or consulting with families and companies, my every day is consumed with advocacy for my clients.

We deserve to live our best lives at every age, right?!

More About Kelly

Industry Expert

For the past 12 years, Kelly has worked in the senior care and senior living industry through direct family support and transition management. While supporting more than 1,000 families facing a senior care crisis, she has a unique view into the concerns and needs of later-life. She is combining her industry experience with an accomplished background in fashion marketing to create a new model for empowered elderhood. In meeting Kelly, you will quickly understand why the Colorado Gerontological Society honored her with the Young Professional in Aging Award and the Unsung Heroes Leadership Foundation awarded her the Woman of the Year.

Podcaster, Speaker, Writer, Storyteller

Kelly is stepping forward on the national stage as an elder rights advocate through writing and speaking. She is the editor of the industry trade magazine CSA Journal and has spoken at national and statewide industry conferences. Kelly has also spoken at international and national women's and business conferences throughout her career. Her podcast Goldenista Social Club launched January 2022 after the successful launch on her TEDx Talk on Longevity. Perhaps you've seen her on television, heard her on podcasts, or read about her in magazines and newspapers. One thing she always points out: there is an opportunity to create a new vision for elderhood in society and families can be empowered to support their loved ones with dignity and grace. Her enthusiastic style is thought-provoking, heartfelt and extremely relatable. 

Caregiver and Human

At the age of 23, Kelly learned her beloved mother had terminal breast cancer. Raised in a multi-generational home, Kelly became a caregiver for her mom AND two grandmothers. Then, after a successful marketing career in the fashion and entertainment industries, Kelly devoted herself to improving life for elders and their families through education, advocacy and innovation. More than 1,000 people have invited Kelly into their lives to have conversations about life, death and everything in between. Through this sacred work, she has committed herself to living with an unbridled sense of adventure and purpose, deep compassion and connections with those around her, and an attitude of joy and love with everything she does. Based in Denver, Colorado, Kelly can be found walking trails with her trusted companion Buddy and enjoying all the city has to offer with her friends.

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